Lunchtimes & SET time

Venn are excited to share our new school meals service with you!

It’s designed to be kind to the planet and include everyone. With our pre-order system, we waste less food, so every meal is fresh and tasty.

We can offer different menu options like gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and halal, all in a nut-free environment. This means every student can have a safe and yummy nutritious lunch, making it easy and worry-free for everyone.

What makes our service special is that the menus at each school are created by the students themselves. This makes lunchtime more fun because our students get to choose what they want to eat. Plus, these healthy and delicious meals cost just £1.50 each, no matter where the school is based. This makes it affordable for all families, and all children can enjoy high-quality meals.

Download our latest menu:

  • Bridgeview lunch menu

Free School Meals

At all our schools, children in reception, year one, and year two can get a free school lunch thanks to the Government’s UIFSM program, but this can change anytime.

To help the school get extra money for fun trips and resources, parents need to fill out the Free School Meals (FSM) forms, even if they’ve done it before.

Families getting certain types of financial help are eligible for free school meals, and it’s important for parents to re-register to keep the support going. Families receiving Income Support, Employment Support Allowance (income-related), Income-based Job Seekers Allowance, Universal Credit, or support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 are eligible for free school meals when in year three and beyond.

SET Time

Our commitment to preparing children for the real world extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. Part of this is our daily dedicated Social Etiquette Training time, or SET.

Children are taught the skills needed for life in public including table manners, patience, hand hygiene and making healthy food choices through encouragement and following the lead of the classroom staff. It is important that as a valuable member of their class each child feels like they belong at the dinner table and they see any meal – whether breakfast, lunch or dinner – as an opportunity to connect with the other people in their life.

This all forms our view of the school as a community where the children are the caring and thoughtful citizens preparing to participate in society.

“Reading is a strength of the school.
Pupils read widely and fluently and have many opportunities to read.”


“Pupils make rapid and sustained progress from their starting points, often reaching standards above those expected for their age.”


“Pupils make positive progress in both writing and mathematics and across the wider curriculum. “


“Outstanding leadership has led to rapid improvements in all areas of the school since the last inspection.”


“Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning. They are very well prepared for their next
steps in both education and life. “


“Links with other schools in the trust enable leaders to check the accuracy of their judgements and share good practice. “