Why do we teach Computing at Bridgeview?

At Bridgeview we want to prepare our pupils for life in a continually changing digital and technological society. Technology is everywhere and plays a pivotal role, and will continue to do so, in our students’ lives. This means it is imperative that we provide them with the skills they need to flourish in a digital world.

We understand the accessibility opportunities technology can provide for our pupils and want them to use technology positively, responsibly, and safely whilst they develop their knowledge, skills and vocabulary. It is recognised that the computing industry is a career pathway of choice for many individuals with similar SEN needs to the pupils at Bridgeview. It is a curriculum area that does not present the usual barriers to learning, has high levels of engagement and gives all of our pupils an opportunity to flourish. Therefore, we design and ambitious computing curriculum full of up to date high quality memorable activities.

What is the Computing curriculum offer at Bridgeview?

Our Computing curriculum offer at Bridgeview focuses on a progression of skills in digital literacy, computer science, information technology and online safety. Building pupils skills and knowledge in computing will allow them to effectively demonstrate their learning through the creative use of technology across the curriculum and encourage staff to embed computing across all curriculum areas in order to make learning creative and fun.

We encourage our children to become responsible digital citizens and emphasise the importance of online safety. At Bridgeview due to their SEN needs we believe our pupils to be more susceptible to possible grooming and online bullying. Therefore, E Safety is more than just a week, it is a continual thread that weaves through the curriculum that we teach to all year groups. Our children are aware of how to keep themselves safe and how to report concerns about inappropriate content or cyber-bullying incidents.

How are knowledge and skills acquired in Computing?

Knowledge and skills at Bridgeview are developed through a widely diverse and engaging curriculum offer, all children complete tasks in both the digital and real world. For example, children learn to code both through computer programmes and in hands on examples such as Crumble Kits. This variety of tasks ensures that children have an opportunity to achieve in the Computing Curriculum, regardless of any perceived barriers to learning. As previously mentioned we have a particular focus on E-Safety throughout the curriculum, this aims to develop the necessary life skills to ensure that all children at Bridgeview are able to safeguard themselves in the digital world.


Enrichment is a key focus of our Computing offer, we aim for all children to be involved in at least one activity throughout the year. Examples of this include Minecraft clubs, coding competitions and E-Safety work carried out throughout the year. This supplements an already rich and diverse curriculum which the children enjoy!

“Reading is a strength of the school.
Pupils read widely and fluently and have many opportunities to read.”


“Pupils make rapid and sustained progress from their starting points, often reaching standards above those expected for their age.”


“Pupils make positive progress in both writing and mathematics and across the wider curriculum. “


“Outstanding leadership has led to rapid improvements in all areas of the school since the last inspection.”


“Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning. They are very well prepared for their next
steps in both education and life. “


“Links with other schools in the trust enable leaders to check the accuracy of their judgements and share good practice. “